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Wwise SDK 2022.1.9
ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_v1 Struct Reference

Interface used to interact with the frontend model. More...

#include <HostFrontendModel.h>

Inheritance diagram for ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_v1:

Public Types

using  Instance = ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1
  Base host-provided instance type for ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_v1. More...

Public Member Functions

  ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_v1 ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from ak_wwise_plugin_interface_ptr
constexpr  ak_wwise_plugin_base_interface (decltype(m_interface) in_interface, decltype(m_version) in_version)
constexpr  ak_wwise_plugin_base_interface ()
constexpr  ak_wwise_plugin_base_interface (std::underlying_type< decltype(m_interface)>::type in_interface, decltype(m_version) in_version)

Public Attributes

bool(*  HasWidget )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this, const char *in_absoluteId)
  Checks if a specific widget exists. More...
ak_wwise_plugin_widget *(*  GetParentWidget )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this)
  Returns the parent widget of a given Frontend Handle hierarchy. More...
ak_wwise_plugin_widget *(*  GetRootWidget )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this)
  Returns the main layout widget of a given Frontend Handle hierarchy. More...
ak_wwise_plugin_widget *(*  GetWidget )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this, const char *in_absoluteId)
  Returns a specific widget of a given Frontend Handle hierarchy. More...
const char *(*  GetWidgetID )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this, ak_wwise_plugin_widget *in_widget)
  Gets the ID of a widget. More...
const char *(*  GetWidgetType )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this, ak_wwise_plugin_widget *in_widget)
  Gets the type ID of a widget. More...
bool(*  IsWidgetContainer )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this, ak_wwise_plugin_widget *in_widget)
  Checks if the widget can contain other widgets. More...
bool(*  IsWidgetTopLevel )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this, ak_wwise_plugin_widget *in_widget)
  Checks if the widget is top-level. More...
bool(*  IsWidgetVisible )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this, ak_wwise_plugin_widget *in_widget)
  Determines the visibility state of the given widget. More...
bool(*  IsWidgetEnabled )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this, ak_wwise_plugin_widget *in_widget)
  Determines if a widget is enabled for mouse and keyboard input. More...
void(*  EnableWidget )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this, ak_wwise_plugin_widget *in_widget, bool in_enable)
  Enables or disables mouse and keyboard input for the widget. More...
void(*  ShowWidget )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this, ak_wwise_plugin_widget *in_widget, bool in_show)
  Sets the visibility state of the widget. More...
void(*  SetWidgetFocus )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this, ak_wwise_plugin_widget *in_widget)
  Claims the input focus for the widget. More...
bool(*  Connect )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this, ak_wwise_plugin_widget *in_widget, const char *in_name, void(*in_handler)(), void *in_userData)
  Connects a signal to a handler taking some user-defined data. More...
void(*  ForEachChildren )(struct ak_wwise_plugin_host_frontend_model_instance_v1 *in_this, const char *in_absoluteId, void(*in_handler)(ak_wwise_plugin_widget *, void *), void *in_userData)
  Applies a user-defined handler to every child of a container. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from ak_wwise_plugin_interface_ptr
ak_wwise_plugin_interface_type  m_interface: 32
  Interface type (see ak_wwise_plugin_interface_type) More...
uint32_t  m_version: 32
  Version of the interface. More...

Detailed Description

Interface used to interact with the frontend model.

The frontend model is the service in charge of building GUI views and managing the objects's lifetime. It takes the description of a view in the form of a WAFM file, creates the widget hierarchy, and stores the objects in a specific handle. The handle is shared to the user to allow interaction with the view's widgets.

Definition at line 45 of file HostFrontendModel.h.

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