Uninstalling Wwise

You can uninstall any version of Wwise from within the Launcher. While it is not necessary to uninstall Wwise before you update to a newer version, you might want to uninstall the previous version if you do not need it.

To uninstall a version of Wwise:

  1. In the Audiokinetic Launcher, select the Wwise page.

  2. Find the version of Wwise that you want to uninstall.

  3. In the Settings menu, click Uninstall.

    A confirmation dialog opens.

  4. Click Yes. The selected version of Wwise is uninstalled.

[Note] Note

You might notice that some temporary files remain in the Wwise and Wwise SDK installation folders after you uninstall Wwise. You can delete these files manually as required.

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