Plug-in media unavailable.

This error means the listed plug-in (source, effect or mixer) needs additional media to run and that media was not loaded or found. This is a common error with the AK Convolution Reverb, but it can happen for other third-party plug-ins.

Probable causes:

  • The media was not included in a SoundBank.

  • The SoundBank containing the media was not loaded.

  • The SoundBank containing the media was not regenerated and redeployed after adding the media to the project.

Recommended resolution steps:

  • Using the SoundBank content editor, verify that the media is included in one bank. If not, drag and drop the bus or the ShareSet onto the bank.

  • Using the Wwise Advanced Profiler, verify that the SoundBank was successfully loaded (either in the SoundBanks or the Voices Graph tab). If not, look for errors in the Capture Log and investigate the SoundBank errors.

  • Regenerate and redeploy your banks on the console.

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