Adding Actions to an Event

You must define the Actions that you want to be included in your Events. Each Event can contain one or several Actions.

To add an Action to an Event:

  1. In the Event Editor, click the Add >> button.

    A list of Actions is displayed.

  2. From the Action list, select an Action or an Action category. (In the former case, a submenu with a series of Actions is displayed; select one.)

    The Action you select is added to the Event.

    You can now assign a target to the Event Action or continue to add Actions to the Event.

There are a few other ways to add Actions to an Event, such as:

  • Dragging one or more elements from the Project Explorer to the empty space in the Event Editor's Event Actions pane. This will result in an Action appropriate for the element, but you are free to change it.

  • Selecting the New Action option from the shortcut menu, when it is opened from the empty space in the Event Editor's Event Actions pane. This will present the same options as clicking the Add >> button, as described in the "To add an Action to an Event" list above.

  • Copying and pasting one or multiple Actions at a time using the standard Copy and Paste shortcuts or shortcut menu options.

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