Adding Objects or Events to the Soundcaster

When you add an object or Event to the Soundcaster, a module is created. A module represents the object or Event together with its properties and behaviors. It also has a series of controls that allow you to modify properties and play back sound, music, and motion objects.

When you are ready to mix and/or test some of the sounds, music, and/or motion that you have assembled, you can start adding the different modules to the Soundcaster. You can add any of the following to the Soundcaster as modules:

  • Busses

  • Actor-Mixers

  • Containers

  • Sounds

  • Music Containers

  • Music Segments

  • Events

[Note] Note

If a Soundcaster session contains a module that relates to an object or Event that has been unloaded from the project, the controls will be unavailable and the title of the module will appear in yellow.

To add an object/event to the Soundcaster:

  1. Do one of the following:

    • Drag an object from the Audio tab of the Project Explorer into the Soundcaster.

    • Drag an Event from the Events tab of the Project Explorer into the Soundcaster.

    The blue module insertion indicator appears in the location where you have dragged the object/event. When you release the mouse button, the selected object/event is added to the Soundcaster as a module.

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