Assigning Wwise properties to Game Parameters

After you have created the Game Parameters and defined their range of values, you can then determine which Game Parameters will be assigned to which properties.

When you assign a property to a Game Parameter (or Modulator or MIDI object), the following occurs:

  • The X and Y axes are displayed in the Graph view.

  • A default RTPC curve is created in the Graph view.

  • The RTPC icon beside the property value turns a theme-specific color (e.g. blue in Classic and orange in Dark).

RTPC in use.
RTPC not in use.

To assign object properties to Game Parameters:

  1. Load an object, bus, Effect, or Attenuation instance into its editor.

  2. Switch to the RTPC tab.

  3. Click the Selector button (>>) and select a property from the list.

    A new RTPC curve is created and assigned a unique color. The Wwise property is also assigned to the Y axis in the graph view.

  4. From the X Axis list, select the Game Parameter that you want to assign to the Wwise property.

    The Game Parameter is assigned to the X axis in the graph view.

Adding RTPCs quickly

You can add an RTPC to any property that has an active RTPC icon.

To quickly add an RTPC:

  1. Right-click the text box, slider, or neighboring indicator icons of a property that has an active RTPC icon.

    A shortcut menu is displayed.

  2. From the menu, select Add RTPC.

    A submenu with the five different RTPC object options (Game Parameters, MIDI, LFO, Envelope, and Time) is displayed.

  3. Select the option that suits your RTPC needs.

    A further submenu appears where you can choose to create a New RTPC object, select an existing one, or browse to find one.

  4. Select or create an object for your RTPC.

    You are brought to the RTPC tab with the newly added RTPC object in view and highlighted. Edit it as desired.

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