Audio Device Meter

The Audio Device Meter view displays the levels of the three possible output streams of an Audio Device:

  • Main mix

  • Passthrough

  • Objects

The Main mix and Passthrough meters show the values per channel, while the Objects meter shows the value per System Audio Object. Refer to The role of the System Audio Device to understand how audio is sorted into these three streams.

The color of the meters are:

  • green under -6 dB

  • yellow from -6 dB to 0 dB

  • red over 0 dB

The meter data source can be synchronized with currently playing objects or, when a profiling session is present, with historical values. When the meter is showing the profiling session history, use the LIVE button on the Wwise toolbar to return to current values.

For more information, refer to Monitoring the signal level.

For details on the Audio Device Meter Instance, A, B, C, or D, refer to Understanding Selection Channels and Meter Instances

The Audio Device Meter view displays the following elements:

Interface Element



The name of the Audio Device.

Opens the Project Explorer - Browser where you can specify which Audio Device you want to meter. The browse button is only available when the view is floating.

Main mix

Displays the level of each channel of the main mix.


Displays the level of the two channels of the Passthrough Mix.


Displays the level of each System Audio Object.

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