Audio Devices

The Audio Devices hierarchy is a series of Audio Devices, each representing the physical and virtual outputs provided by the supported platforms. Wwise includes the following built-in Audio Devices by default:

  • Communication

  • Controller Headphones

  • DVR Bypass

  • No Output

  • Controller Speaker

  • System.

Refer to Built-in Audio Devices for details on each of these types.

The descriptions for each of the Audio Device property options can be found in the following Audio Device Editor sections:


Only the System Audio Device has the potential to support 3D Audio. For this reason, the System Audio Device Editor includes many properties not present in the Audio Device Editor for the other Audio Device types.

It is also possible to install third-party plug-ins to add additional virtual outputs. In this case, the Audio Device Editor displays whatever information the plug-in developers decide to include. There is, however, a default UI (similar to the Source Editor: Plug-ins) with individual fields auto-generated based on information provided in the XML created for the Audio Device plug-in. Refer to Third-party and custom Audio Devices for more information.

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