Audio File Conversion

In the Audio File Conversion dialog, you can specify which of the selected media files will be converted, based on platform, language, and source version. The sample rate, bit rate, the channel format, and the format attributes of the selected media files are converted in this process.


Prompting the Audio File Conversion dialog from the Project menu's Convert All Audio Files option will convert every file in the project. To just convert one or several selected audio files, use the Convert option from either the Edit menu or the shortcut menu.

Interface Element



Converts the media files for the platforms selected from among those defined for your project in the Platform Manager.


Current language

Converts only the media files of the currently selected language.

All languages

Converts the media files for all available project languages.


In Use versions

Converts only the version specified as In Use in the Contents Editor for the sound object.

All versions

Converts all versions of the sound object.

Converts the media files based on the settings that you have specified, and closes the Audio File Conversion dialog.

Closes the Audio File Conversion dialog without carrying out the conversion operation.

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