Audio Object Meter

The Audio Object Meter provides an expanded view on the metering data of the currently selected Audio Object. In order to have content shown in this view, you must select an Audio Object in the Audio Object List. The information shown in this view is based on the current profiler cursor time.


To have information in this view, you must enable Audio Object Data in the Profiler Settings prior to capturing data, and you must select a point in time from the capture.

Interface Element


Click the View Settings icon in the upper right corner of the view to open the Profiler Settings dialog, where you can specify the type of data to capture.

The metered object

Displays the name of the metered Audio Object.


Defines which mode is used to display the meter.

  • Peak: The standard display mode. Each channel is displayed. The values represent the peak PCM values in decibels for the region drawn.

  • RMS: Shows the RMS (Root Mean Square) values. All channels are collapsed. The values represent the peak RMS values for the region drawn.


A standard meter to show the levels of the Audio Object.

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