Auditioning the Contents of a Blend Container

You can use Blend Containers to create complex and realistic soundscapes, so you will probably want to test them as you go along. By using the Transport Control and the Blend Track Editor, you can audition the contents of a Blend Container. You can then make adjustments on the fly, such as resizing crossfades or adding RTPC curve points.

In the Blend Track Editor, a cursor is provided so that you can change the Game Parameters while you are playing back the Blend Container. Since you have already mapped these objects to Wwise property values, when you change the Game Parameter values, you automatically change the object property values. This simulates what happens in game when the Game Parameters change so you can verify how effectively your property mappings will work in game.

[Note] Note

When you play back a Blend Container, all the objects in it are played back, whether or not they are associated with a blend track.

To play the contents of a Blend Container:

  1. Load the Blend Container into the Transport Control.

  2. In the Blend Container Property Editor, click Edit to open the Blend Track Editor.

    [Tip] Tip

    You can also press Ctrl+Shift+T to open the Blend Track Editor.

    The blends of the Blend Container are displayed.

  3. Click the Play icon.

    While the Blend Container is playing, you can use the cursor to change the Game Parameter values to hear or feel how your objects react to the changes.

    [Tip] Tip

    While tweaking the RTPC curves of the individual objects within your Blend Container, you can continue to audition the Blend Container by pinning it in the Transport Control. For information on pinning, refer to Pinning an Object in the Transport Control.

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