Setting up a binauralizer Effect on an ambisonic bus

You can use certain Effect plug-ins, such as Auro Headphone or Resonance Audio (installed through the Audiokinetic Launcher), to convert ambisonics to a stereo configuration. In this way, you can benefit from the ambisonics format as an intermediate 3D representation of sounds and then effectively downmix the signal before it reaches the final output.

To set up a binauralizer Effect on an ambisonic bus:

  1. In the Project Explorer, create a new audio bus under the Master Audio Bus. In this example it is named "Binaural".

  2. In the General Settings tab of the Property Editor for the new bus, set the Bus Configuration to one of the ambisonic configurations (while respecting the limitations of the plug-in). The higher the ambisonic order, the greater the precision of the intermediate spatial representation.

  3. In the Effects tab of the Property Editor, click the first [>>] selector and select an ambisonic binauralizer Effect from the list, such as Auro Headphone or Resonance Audio. Then click New to the right of the Effect name.

    The New Effect dialog opens.

  4. Click OK.

    The new Effect is inserted on the bus. Although the bus’s configuration is ambisonics, the bus’s Out Config. will be made stereo by the binauralizer Effect.

  5. For all sounds that require binaural processing, in the General Settings tab of the sound object, set the Output Bus to the new bus you just configured.

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