Building your Actor-Mixer Hierarchy

In a typical game project, you may have thousands of assets to manage. It is important that you be able to organize these assets in the same way that you organize the many files you have on your computer. In Wwise, you can organize your project assets into special groupings that make it easier for you to work with all these assets. By grouping objects together and creating parent/child relationships, you can create a hierarchical structure. This structure not only organizes the assets in your project, but also allows you to define properties and behaviors for the group. It can be very useful to group together objects that will be sharing properties or behaviors. This gives you a great deal of power while saving you time and streamlining the development process.

You can use a combination of object types to group your assets and build the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy in your project. The following pages provide further details on working with these object types.

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