Types of containers

To get the most out of the musical score for your game, you will require containers with different types of playback behaviors. You can define the settings for two types of containers in the Interactive Music Hierarchy: Music Switch and Music Playlist.

The following table lists the kinds of containers that you can use in the Interactive Music Hierarchy.



Music Playlist Container

Music Switch Container

Organizing music assets - example

Let's say that you are creating the interactive music for a first person action adventure game. You have already established that you will need music for stealth and fighting. So you could group the music objects together in a Switch Container. That way you can manage the object properties for its child objects. Within your Switch Container you would add Music Playlist Containers with music objects that are assigned to a Switch or state for the container.

You can build your music hierarchy in the early phases of your project based on the game design. You will also need to consider other elements in your project at the same time, such as your Work Units, routing, game syncs and so on. Looking at your project as a whole can help you group objects together effectively.

For more information about how to build your routing structures, Work Units, and create game syncs, refer to the following sections:

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