Clearing your cache

To efficiently manage your converted media files, you need to clear your .cache folder on a regular basis to remove files that are no longer used, are outdated, or are problematic. You can choose to clear all converted media files from the cache or only the orphan files. You might want to clear your cache in the following situations:

  • After you have deleted a Wwise object - The converted media files or orphans are no longer needed, but are still associated with the objects and will remain in your cache folder until you manually clear them. In this case, you might only want to clear these.

  • A platform conversion may have produced poor quality results - You want to start over by flushing the converted files for the platform.

  • The final version of language files are delivered - You want only the newly converted files in your cache.

For each of the preceding situations you can selectively clear your cache folder based on the following:

  • Converted files - To specify which type of files you want to clear. You can clear all converted files in your cache or only the orphan files.

  • Platforms - To specify for which platform you want to clear the files.

  • Languages - To specify the language files you want to clear.


Clearing your cache cannot be undone.

To clear the project cache:

  1. From the Project menu, select Clear Audio File Cache.

    The Clear Audio File Cache dialog box opens.

  2. In the Audio Files group box, select one of the following options:

    Only orphan files

    All converted files

  3. In the Platforms group box, select one of the following options:

    • Current platform

    • All platforms

  4. In the Languages group box, select one of the following options for Sound Voice objects:

    • Current language

    • All languages

  5. Click OK.

    The Clearing Audio File Cache dialog box opens where you can view the clearing process.

    When the clearing process is successfully completed, the converted media files that you have specified are removed from your cache.

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