Creating a Blend Container

In certain game situations, you might want to have several related objects playing at the same time to create a complex composition. Blend Containers are flexible structures you can use to group multiple objects. When the container is played, all the objects within it are played simultaneously.

You can add the following objects to Blend Containers:

  • Blend Containers

  • Random Containers

  • Sequence Containers

  • Sounds

  • Switch Containers

  • Voices

Using Blend Containers - example 1

Let's say part of your game takes place on a farm. You want your players to feel like they are walking through a realistic farm setting. One way to encourage this mood would be to find a variety of farm animal sounds (cow moos, chicken clucks, horse whinnies) and group them into a “Farm Sound” Blend Container so they can be heard simultaneously.

Using Blend Containers - example 2

Now, let's take your farm setting a step further. When your players walk through the farm gates, you want them to hear a range of sounds, not just a cacophony of animal noises. One way to solve this problem is to organize your sounds within blend tracks and crossfade them based on a Game Parameter such as the time of day. For example, you can create a “Chicken Blend Track”, so your player hears roosters crowing in the morning, clucking and scratching sounds during the day, and silence at night. You can also create RTPCs to associate characteristics of your sounds to Game Parameters. For example, you might want your chickens to get nervous when you wave your sword around. To do this, you could create an “Agitation” RTPC, and create an RTPC curve that increases the volume of sounds in the Chicken Blend Track as the Agitation level increases.

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