Creating sources using plug-ins

Wwise's open architecture allows you to enhance your audio by creating source plug-ins. Wwise's open architecture allows you to enhance your audio and motion by creating source plug-ins. These plug-ins, such as synthesizer and physical modeling, can easily be integrated into Wwise where they are used to create sound and motion objects. You can also modify the properties of the plug-in to create a wide range of sounds and motion effects.

Wwise comes with a number of different source plug-ins.

Source plug-ins available

  • Audio Input

  • External Source

  • Motion

  • Silence

  • Sine

  • Soundseed Air Wind*

  • Soundseed Air Woosh*

  • Tone Generator

    * - If you plan to develop, integrate, and distribute Soundseed Air with your game, you need to purchase a separate license. For more information, contact the Audiokinetic sales team at:

To add a source plug-in:

  1. Load an object into the Property Editor.

  2. In the Contents Editor, click Add Source.

    The Source menu is displayed with a list of source plug-ins that are available.


    Source plug-ins that were created for a specific platform will be unavailable in the source plug-in list for all other platforms.

  3. Select the source plug-in that you want to add.

    The source is added to the object and appears as a new entry in the Contents Editor.

  4. Double-click the source plug-in to display a complete list of properties in the Source Plug-in Property Editor.

  5. Edit the properties as necessary.

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