Customizing Object Properties per Platform

In Wwise, when you define your sound properties for a particular platform in your project, these properties are set across all active platforms by default. These properties are said to be linked across platforms. This streamlines creating projects across platforms. But, if you want to customize the properties for a specific platform you can unlink its properties, and define the properties that you want. When you unlink properties, the link indicator becomes orange.

When you are defining the properties for your platforms, you can easily tell if the properties are unlinked on another platform. The link/unlink indicator will be partly orange indicating that it is partially unlinked.

To unlink a property for a platform:

  1. Right-click the link indicator beside the property that you want to unlink.

    The shortcut menu is displayed.

  2. Click Unlink.

    The indicator turns orange and the values that you define will only apply to the current platform.

    When you switch to platforms where the same property is linked, the indicator will display that this property is unlinked on another platform.

[Note] Note

To link the properties again, right-click the property indicator and select Link in the shortcut menu.

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