Defining object playback behaviors

Different situations within a game will require different kinds of playback. To accommodate these different scenarios, Wwise allows you to define the playback behaviors of each individual object in the Actor-Mixer Hierarchy. However, to give you additional flexibility and control over playback, Wwise also allows you to group objects into different types of containers:

The type of container you choose will determine how the objects within the container will be played back. For example, Random Containers play back the contents of the container randomly, Sequence Containers play back the contents of the container according to a playlist, Switch Containers play back the contents of the container based on the current Switch or State within the game, and Blend Containers play back all objects within the container simultaneously while using blends and RTPCs.

Using a combination of the different containers, you can manage the various playback scenarios for your game efficiently and creatively, which ultimately enhances the experience of your game.

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