Defining relative properties (volume, pitch, LPF, HPF)

Relative properties are defined for each object within your hierarchy. Unlike absolute properties, relative properties are cumulative, which means that a parent's property values are added to those of the child.

You can randomize relative property values to further enhance the realism of objects within your game. For more information on randomizing property values, refer to Enhancing playback by randomizing property values.

Not all relative properties are available for all objects and on all platforms. The following table lists the relative properties that are available for each object and on each platform.





Sound object

Containers (All)


Music track

Music Segment

Music containers (All)

To define the relative properties of an object:

  1. Load an object into the Property Editor.

  2. Type a value or drag the corresponding slider to set a value for each of the following properties:


    To edit the relative properties for several objects at the same time, select several objects in the Project Explorer, right-click the selection, and select Show in Multi Editor.

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