Deleting Busses in the Master-Mixer Hierarchy

If you have created a bus by mistake or no longer need a particular bus, you can delete it. When you delete a bus, you are also deleting all of its child busses. The objects that were routed through that bus are now reassigned to the next parent object in the hierarchy. The property overrides for the rerouted objects remain intact.

The following illustration demonstrates what happens to a sound object being routed through a bus that is deleted.

To delete a bus in the Master-Mixer Hierarchy:

  1. On the Audio tab of the Project Explorer, select the bus that you want to delete, and do one of the following:

    • Press the Delete key.

    • In the shortcut menu for the bus, select Delete Selection.

  2. The bus and its children are deleted, and the objects routed through the deleted busses are now routed through the parent bus.

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