Exploring the game object profiling views

Wwise's game object profiling tools include three views which work together to help you monitor game objects and their effect on the audio and motion in your game. You can access these views all at once in the Game Object Profiler layout.


In Wwise, you can switch to the Game Object Profiler layout by pressing F12.

Game Object 3D Viewer

The Game Object 3D Viewer is a three-dimensional visual representation of game objects and their relationships with other game objects and their potential role as listeners. You can configure the Game Object 3D Viewer to display different types of information, as well as to change how different game objects are displayed.

Game Sync Monitor

The Game Sync Monitor is a tool for analyzing RTPC values in real time. This view displays a graph of values over time for Game Parameters, Modulators (i.e., LFO, Envelope, and Time) and MIDI parameters.

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