Filtering the Capture Log

You might find that there is too much information being displayed in the Capture Log. If this is the case, you can filter the Capture Log to display the specific information you are looking for. For example, you can display only the information related to a particular game object, or only Event-related or State-related information.

To filter the Capture Log:

  1. In the Capture Log, click .

    The Capture Log Options view opens.

  2. Select only the options that you want to appear in the Capture Log.

    The Capture Log is filtered according to the criteria you selected.


    For a description of each of the options click the Help icon in the Capture Log Options view.

  3. Close the view, or if you plan to use it often, you can dock it in the layout. Refer to Docking and undocking views and Object Tabs

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