Property Indicators

You may notice that certain property values in the modules have one or more indicators beside them. These indicators show whether the property value is linked to other platforms, whether the property value is associated with a Game Parameter using RTPCs and whether a Randomizer has been applied on the property value. For more information about how these indicators are used in Wwise, refer to Property Indicators.

For more information on linking/unlinking property values, using RTPCs and randomizing property values, refer to the following sections:

In addition to these property indicators, the Soundcaster also contains playback indicators that turn blue when particular behaviors or actions occur during playback. These are visible in the master control area, and in the individual modules. The following table lists the additional property and action parameter indicators in the Soundcaster.





A delay has been applied to an Event or a Random or Sequence Container.


A fade has been applied to an Event or a Random or a Sequence Container.

For more information on adding these properties to objects, refer to the following sections:

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