Nuendo Connection Settings

The Nuendo Connection Settings dialog allows you to configure the link between Wwise and the Nuendo® digital audio workstation software by Steinberg®. To enable this feature, however, some configuration in Nuendo is also necessary. See the Nuendo manual for details.

[Note]Make sure you selected the Nuendo Game Audio Connect plug-in in the Audiokinetic Launcher!

Access to the Nuendo Connection Settings dialog is only possible if you correctly installed the Nuendo Game Audio Connect plug-in. See the Audiokinetic Launcher documentation for details on how to add plug-ins to your Wwise installation via the Audiokinetic Launcher.

A Nuendo connection enables distinct interactions:

  • Dragging the export region to the Game Audio Connect window in Nuendo: Sends the file directly to Wwise via the Audio File Importer. This works across machines on the network.

  • Exporting the audio mixdown in Nuendo: Notifies Wwise of an audio import and can work across machines if the export directory is a shared path, available to both machines, and configured in the Wwise Nuendo Connection Settings.

  • Using the Edit in Nuendo Wwise object shortcut menu option: Nuendo will find the source project and highlight the exported region.

  • Create in Nuendo is a shortcut option only available for Music Segment objects. Selecting it will prompt the Steinberg Hub where you can create a new project in Nuendo. A prompt in Nuendo will ask you Do you want to import the transferred Segment into this Project. Click Yes to add your Music Segment to the Project Zone.

Interface Element


Server Address

The network address of the machine running Nuendo, which can either be an IP address (such as '') or a hostname (such as 'localhost'). Leaving this field blank applies the default value of ''.


The network port used for the Nuendo connection, which should match the value chosen in the 'Local Game Audio Connect TCP Port' field of the Game Audio Connect settings in Nuendo. Leaving this field blank uses a default value of '4444'.

Exported asset share path

The file system path used for exchanging assets with Nuendo via the network, which must be set for Wwise to be able to locate assets exported from Nuendo when running on a separate machine.

[Note]For more info on using Wwise with Nuendo

Consult the Nuendo documentation on Exporting Audio Assets to a Game Audio Engine and Game Audio Connect.

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