Getting to know the Contents Editor

The Contents Editor displays the object or objects that are contained within the parent object that is loaded into the Property Editor. Since the Property Editor can contain different kinds of object structures and other project elements, the Contents Editor handles them contextually which means that different layouts are displayed based on the type of object loaded.

When sound, music, or motion structures and other project elements are loaded into the Contents Editor, you have quick access to some of the most common properties associated with each object, such as volume. By having the settings in the Contents Editor, you can edit a parent's child objects without having to load them individually into the Property Editor. The Contents Editor also provides you with the tools to include or exclude objects from platforms, define playlists and Switch behaviors, as well as manage audio and motion sources and source plug-ins.

The different views for the sound, music, and motion structures and other project elements in the Contents Editor are described in the following sections.

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