Getting to know the Event Viewer

Wwise uses “Action” Events to apply specific Actions to the different sound, music, and motion structures within your project hierarchy. In a typical game, you could have hundreds of these Events, so it is crucial for you to be able to find the ones you are looking for quickly. You can use the sorting and filter tools in the Event Viewer to find the different Events that have been created for the current project.

The Event Viewer has three different tabs, each of which filters the Events in a different way:

  • Filtered tab - Displays all Events alphabetically. You can also sort this list by Action type using the Show All: Sorted option, or filter the list to display only those Events that contain a particular Action type. You can navigate through the filtered Events by clicking the plus (+) and minus (-) signs to expand and collapse the folders.

    Event Viewer filtered by action type "Play".

  • Current Selection tab - Displays a list of Events that are associated with the object or objects that are currently selected in the Audio tab of the Project Explorer.

  • Orphans tab - Displays orphaned Events or Events that have been created, but are not currently associated with a particular object.

You can also delete Events, open the Event Editor, as well as drag and drop one or more Events from the Event Viewer to other views within Wwise such as the Soundcaster or SoundBank Editor.


Dialogue Events are not displayed in the Event Viewer. Dialogue Events can be viewed on the Events tab of the Project Explorer.


You can have multiple instances of the Event Viewer open at the same time within the same layout.

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