Wwise has two distinct importers for adding sound objects and their associated media files:

  • Audio File Importer: Imports media files for use in Wwise objects. Easy to use for individual or small imports of audio files. It can also use tab delimited files to import many audio files and their associated project hierarchy structures.

  • Voice Asset Importer: Imports only Sound Voice objects and, optionally, associated Random Containers via tab-delimited files. Ideal to use for large imports of dialog.

After clicking Import in either of the above importers, you will encounter at least one of the three following dialogs:

  • Import Conflict Manager: This dialog is prompted only if there is a problem between the files you are trying to import and your project.

  • Import Completed: Appears when the import has successfully completed, with information about the import.

  • Import Stopped: Appears when the import has been stopped before it completes, with information about the part of the import that completed.

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