Importing media files

You will need to import your SFX or voice media files into Wwise at different times and for different reasons, depending on how you intend to use these media files. Usually you would import files in the following situations:

  • To bring media files into your project at the beginning of the project, or as the files become available.

  • To replace media files that you have previously imported. For example, you might want to replace placeholders or temporary files that you used at the beginning of the project.

  • To bring language media files into the project for localization. For more information on localization, refer to Localizing your project.

In Wwise, you can import the media files into your project using the Audio File Importer, or you can use the Quick Import shortcuts to carry out your audio file imports.

Quick import

The following table lists the shortcuts you can use to import media files into Wwise.


Use this shortcut

Import SFX media files.

Drag the files into Wwise.

Import voice media files.

Shift+drag the files into Wwise.

Import SFX media files without opening the Audio File Importer.

Ctrl+drag the files into Wwise.

Import Sound Voice media files without opening the Audio File Importer

Ctrl+Shift+drag the files into Wwise.

If you are importing languages using this shortcut, makes sure that the reference language is selected in the Language Selector.

Import media files into the Contents Editor as new sources.

Drag the files into the Contents Editor.

Force replace a Sound SFX or Music source


Force replace a Sound Voice



If you use a spreadsheet program to manage the thousands of voice assets in your project, you can use the Voice Asset Importer to quickly create the corresponding Sound Voice objects in Wwise. For more information on importing voice assets into Wwise, refer to Importing voice assets from a text file.

File path length limitations in Wwise

On Windows, the maximum length of the combined filename and file path is about 256 characters. This can cause errors when importing or converting media files. Files at or near the maximum length might be successfully imported into Wwise but then produce errors during subsequent conversion.

A workaround is to reduce the length of the filename and its path. Refer to Managing non-recoverable errors.

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