License Manager

In the License Manager you can specify the license key to be used for your project. This key can be obtained from your account when logged in the Audiokinetic website. Using a key is necessary to unlock unrestricted generation of SoundBanks, and to enable Wwise for commercial use.

To open the License Manager, from the menu bar, click Project > License Manager.

For more information and troubleshooting, see the Audiokinetic Product Licensing FAQ.

Interface Element


Import License (button)

Open a file dialog allowing you to select a text file containing a license key to import in your project.

Paste from clipboard (button)

Import the license key from your clipboard, as copied from the Audiokinetic website.

Remove License (button)

Remove the license key currently present in your project and revert to the Free Trial version.

License description (text)

Displays information about the license key currently present in your project.

Save (button)

Apply the license key in your project and save this change.

Close / Cancel (button)

Close the License Manager without changing the project license key.

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