Loudness Meter Settings

The Loudness Meter Settings dialog consists of a possible two columns for its Settings and their respective Value.

Interface Element


Click the Configure Columns... shortcut (right-click) option from the column header band.

The Configure Columns Dialog opens. Specify which columns to display and their order.

Display Options:

Target Level

Defines the target level value, appearing in green. This value also defines the LUFS to LU conversion function.

EBU recommended value: -23 LUFS

Target Range

Defines the range target region (in green). For example, a 1 LU target range with a target level of -23 LUFS defines the green region from -24 to -22.

EBU recommended value: 1 LU

Sony Worldwide Studios Audio Standards Working Group (ASWG) recommended value: 2 LU

Target Extended Range

Defines the range of the extended region (in yellow)


Standard: -18 LU to +9 LU (-41 LUFS to -14 LUFS)

Extended:-36 LU to +18 LU (-59 LUFS to -5 LUFS)


LU (Loudness Units): target level is at 0 LU

LUFS (Loudness Units Full Scale): target level is specified by target level (default of -23 LUFS).


Returns the settings to their default EBU R128-recommended values.

Applies the changes you made to the Loudness Meter Settings and closes the dialog.

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