Managing file import issues

You may encounter errors while importing media files into your Wwise project. There are two kinds of errors that may occur:

Managing recoverable errors

When you try to import files that already exist in Wwise, and you have not selected the Replace Mode in the Audio File Importer, the Conflict Manager opens. Depending on what you are planning to do, you have three options.

  • Replace - To replace the existing audio file with the file being imported.

  • Use Existing - To continue to use the file that is currently linked to the audio source.

  • Cancel - To cancel the import operation.

You can apply your options individually, or apply these options to all of the files in the error list.

To replace files with recoverable errors:

  1. In the Conflict Manager window, do the following:

    To replace all files, click Replace in the Set All To area.

    To replace individual files, click Replace in the Error List.

  2. Click Import.

    The files in the import list are imported to the location that you have specified.

Managing non-recoverable errors

A non-recoverable error is one that cannot be resolved in Wwise. If you get one in the Conflict Manager, cancel the import for the affected file. Examples of such errors are:

  • Not a valid WAV file.

  • Error copying the file to the originals folder.

  • Can't open source or output file.

You can try to resolve these outside of Wwise and then retry the operation. Following are possible causes and suggestions for troubleshooting:

  • Unsupported file format: check the PCM audio file formats and verify that the file format, sample range, bit depth, and channel configuration are supported.

  • File path is too long: ensure the combined filename and file path is less than 256 characters. Refer to File path length limitations in Wwise.

  • File access errors: check file permissions and whether the file is in use. Sometimes files on external drives cause errors.

  • Audio file not found: for Sound Voice objects there is no media file for the reference language.

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