Managing media files in your project

In a typical game you can have thousands of assets and it is important to know how to manage them efficiently in your project. At a very basic level, Wwise distinguishes between the following two types of assets:

  • Original assets imported into Wwise.

  • Versions of these assets created for the various game platforms.

Wwise stores these two types of assets in different locations within your project folder so they can be managed independently. The original assets are stored in the Originals project folder. Since these assets are usually shared by several people on your team, this folder can be located anywhere on your network and can easily be managed by your source control system.

The other asset versions are stored locally in each user's project cache folder. This allows each user to manage their own platform versions and to experiment with different Conversion Settings.

Both types of files can be played back in Wwise. The original preconverted files will be played back whenever the Original control is activated in the Transport Control or Soundcaster. When the Original control is not active, Wwise will attempt to play the converted file, if one exists. It is important to note, however, that playing converted files in Wwise is not always possible for some formats. When you convert an audio file for a particular platform, it is converted to meet the specific hardware requirements of that platform. As a result, you might not be able to play back these converted files in Wwise if the authoring tool is running on a platform that does not support the file type.

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