Media file management tips and best practices

The following sections provide you with a series of tips and best practices to help you better manage your media files in your project throughout the audio development process.

Clear cache

To save space and manage your files efficiently, you need to clear your cache regularly. You should do this in the following situations:

  • After you have deleted an object.

  • After you have deleted a file in the File Manager.

File Manager

Another way to keep track of your project media files is by reviewing the information on the Source Files tab of the File Manager. The File Manager keeps track of the project's Originals folder, so that you can remove any unused files if needed from your project. Removing an audio file in the File Manager does not clear the associated converted files in your audio cache however. You will need to remove them manually by selecting the Only orphan files option in the Clear Audio Cache dialog. For more information about the File Manager, refer to Viewing the status of your project files.

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