Metadata is a collection of properties associated with an Audio Object and intended for use by an endpoint or Object Processor. Metadata allows the endpoint or Object Processor to perform various computations concerning the Audio Object, creating their own spatialized effects.

A Metadata tab is available in the Property Editor of all objects and busses in Wwise.


By default, the Metadata tab is not visible in the Property Editor. You must select the '+' symbol to enable it.

Metadata plug-ins are specific to certain endpoints or Object Processors. Different Metadata plug-ins may include different sets of properties. Examples of these properties include: 3D position, azimuth, elevation, focus, and spread. Adding a Metadata plug-in to a Metadata tab associates a collection of properties with the Wwise object or bus. In the case of a bus, the Metadata will be propagated to all objects routed to the bus and to child busses.


All Metadata associated with an Audio Object is destroyed if the Audio Object is routed to a Mixing bus. Refer to Understanding the bus icons and processing status for details.

By default, the Wwise System Output Settings Metadata plug-in is available in Wwise. Additional Metadata plug-ins can be installed via the Audiokinetic Launcher.

Mix Behavior

The Mix Behavior selected in the Metadata of an Audio Object will override the default mix behavior that would otherwise be implemented by the System Audio Device.

Possible Mix Behaviors are:

  • Use Default: Allows the System Audio Device to choose the most suitable destination for this Audio Object. Refer to The role of the System Audio Device for details.

  • Mix to Main: Forces the Audio Object to be routed to the Main Mix of the Audio Device.

  • Mix to Passthrough: Forces the Audio Object to be routed to the Passthrough Mix of the Audio Device. If Passthrough is not supported by the Audio Device, the Audio Object is routed to the Main Mix.

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