ML1 Mastering Limiter applications


During the final stages of production, a maximum signal level is determined and then strictly adhered to. Enter the mastering limiter, a device capable of achieving transparent results and insuring such an output ceiling is never exceeded. The ML1 was designed with this primary application in mind.

Bus level control

During the mixing process, many elements of a session are compressed in an effort to establish a moderately predictable signal level, the dynamics of which are then automated by volume fader moves (as opposed to the track's original dynamics). The ML1 can setup a maximum output level on a variety of busses, and add subjectively suitable effects to those groups using the Knee, Mode, and Release controls. In particular, the Knee control can effectively setup the ML1 as a compressor, with a brickwall limiter as a final output stage. The user need only set a threshold and ceiling, and then be assured the signal level will never rise above the ceiling. Rough mixes (and perhaps even final ones) can be done quickly and easily.

Gentle limiting

Many instruments and their performances require only a subtle amount of limiting, but still must adhere to output ceiling requirements. The ML1 unique Knee control, when set to values over 50%, can give great results for this type of smoother, transparent limiting action.

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