Music Fade Editor

The Music Fade Editor is where you can define the properties of each individual fade used when transitioning from one music object to another. This includes fade-ins for destination objects, fade-outs for source objects, and fade-ins and fade-outs for transition segments. You can define the length and offset of each fade, as well as the curve shape to further customize the transition.


For a fade to be heard, the transition must have a non-zero duration.




The type of fade currently being edited.


The name of the music object to which the transition belongs. For example, a Music Switch Container owns all the transitions between the segments in that container.

(Graph View)

A graphical representation of the relationship between time (X axis) and the music object (Y axis).

Zooms in towards the center of the graph view.

Resets the graph view to the default zoom factor ratio of 1:1.

Zooms out from the center of the graph view.



The duration of the fade.

Default value: 0

Range: 0 to 60

Units: s


The time difference between the relevant cue (entry or exit) and the fade.

Default value: 0

Range: -60 to 60

Units: s

Fade Curve

Specify a curve shape for the fade, such as exponential, logarithmic, or S-curve.

Default value: Linear

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