Optimizing CPU Usage

When you are authoring audio in Wwise, CPU usage is an essential concern. It is also important to balance performance and quality. If you are authoring for multiple platforms, you will have to be aware of each platform's technical limitiations and requirements, and also consider the CPU resources required by any accompanying software.

Many Wwise features and plug-ins affect CPU usage. The topics in this section provide an overview of the major factors that affect CPU usage and offer different strategies and best practices for CPU optimization. In general, the process consists of using the Profiler (refer to Profiling) to monitor CPU performance, determine which factors you need to address, and then use the guidelines in this section as a starting point to explore possible solutions.

Every Wwise project is different, available CPU resources vary by platform, and quality and performance requirements also vary, so there is no single set of specific guidelines or recommendations that apply to all cases. Instead, you will have to experiment, listen to your sounds in Wwise, and determine the optimal settings. The following major factors affect CPU usage:

  • Number of concurrent voices. The number of voices, especially physical voices, has a large impact on CPU. As the number increases, CPU usage increases with it.

  • Effects. Wwise audio Effects consume CPU and the amount varies depending on the specific Effect, where the Effect is used, and whether it is rendered.

  • Audio codecs. Audio file conversion with codecs uses CPU, and some codecs require more CPU resources than others.

  • Spatial Audio. The various options and settings that control 3D acoustics can have a major impact on CPU usage.

Each of these topics is described in further detail in the following sections.

Additional CPU Optimization Resources

In addition to this documentation, there are several resources that contain information about CPU optimization:

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