Project Explorer

The Project Explorer is where you can organize and manage the various elements of your Wwise project, such as the audio assets, busses, Events, and Game Syncs. In each of the tabs, you can create, rename, cut, copy, paste, and delete the distinctive elements that are displayed in the tab's hierarchical structure. Each tab also includes a toolbar that allows you to quickly add parent and child objects to your project hierarchy.

If you are working as part of a team on the same project, you can also divide up the project elements into Work Units so that each member of your team can work on different parts of the project at the same time. For more information on creating Work Units, refer to Working with a team.

The Project Explorer contains the following tabs:

  • Audio Tab: Displays all the sound, music, motion, and bus structures in your project.

  • Events Tab: Displays all the Action and Dynamic Dialogue Events in your project.

  • SoundBanks Tab: Displays a list of SoundBanks in your project.

  • Game Syncs Tab: Displays all the Switches, States, Game Parameters, and Triggers in your project.

  • ShareSets Tab: Displays all the Effect, Attenuation, Conversion Settings, Modulator, Audio Device, and Virtual Acoustics ShareSets in your project.

  • Sessions Tab: Displays all the Soundcaster, Mixing Desk, and Control Surface sessions in your project.

  • Queries Tab: Displays all the queries in your project.

Project Explorer Search

You can use the Project Explorer Search to find and focus on specific objects within any of the tabs of the Project Explorer view. This search is particularly useful for large projects with many objects. The search feature is located at the top of the Project Explorer and includes the three components shown in the following figure:

Search the Project Explorer content by either typing in the field or dragging one or many objects from any view into the field. When an object is dragged into the field, it replaces all existing content.

When a search is active, an x appears at the far-right side of the field. Click the x to reset the search.

Reapplies the search and resets the presentation of results considering the current state of all parameters in Wwise. Any branches that were expanded or collapsed since the search was last run return to their searched state of expansion.

Note that the search results are automatically refreshed when you change an object's parent or when you create, rename, or delete objects, but not in response to other parameter changes, such as a volume change that might affect a WAQL query that evaluates volume. The Refresh button is particularly useful in these cases.

When the search text matches an object and its descendants, that branch is only expanded to the level of the first matching object. Clicking this button expands all branches that include an object matching the search.

Refer to Using the Project Explorer search for further details.

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