Platform Manager

The Platform Manager dialog lets you define the project's platforms. You may have as many platforms as desired for each target (SDK). When creating a new project, a platform is created for each target.

The Platform Manager queues all requested platform actions (Add/Remove/Rename). Clicking the OK button executes all pending platform actions. Clicking the Cancel button discards all pending platform actions.


Performing platform actions requires Wwise to save then reload the project.

Interface Element


Right-click the table header to open the Configure Columns dialog where you can specify which columns to display and their order. See Using tables.


The unique alphanumeric name of the defined platform.

Base Platform

The platform's SDK.

Pending Actions

Actions, such as Add or Copy Settings from the specified platform, to be performed upon clicking OK.

Volume Threshold

The default volume level below which a voice will be managed by behaviors defined in the Advanced Settings tab of the Property Editor. For example, voices that fall below the volume threshold can do any of the following:

  • Continue to play

  • Be killed

  • Sent to the virtual voice list

This value can be overridden by using the Wwise SDK API.

Note: Even if it continues to play or becomes virtual, the voice will be inaudible while it is still below the volume threshold. Note: The default slider range is from -96 to 0. You can go over those limits by entering the value directly, or by rolling the mouse while the focus is on the edit control.

Default value: -80

Range: -96 to 0

Max Voice Instances

The maximum number of simultaneous voices that can be active at the same time in the entire project. Virtual voices do not count as active voices. Over this limit, voices with the lowest priority will adopt their virtual behavior. If priorities are equal, older sounds will be considered to have a higher priority. Each sound can override its own virtual behavior, which can be:

  • Continue to play

  • Be killed

  • Send to virtual voice


The Maximum number of voice instance may not be respected if the virtual behavior on some sounds is set to Continue to play. To have this limit respected, playing voices need to have their virtual behavior set to Kill voice or Send to Virtual voice.

This value can be overridden by using the Wwise SDK API.

Opens the Add Platform dialog. The new platform will be added to the Platforms list.

The new platform will be added to the project upon clicking the OK button.

Removes the selected platform. If the platform was a recently added platform (via the Add button) then the platform is simply removed from the Platforms list. Otherwise, the platform is marked for removal, and will be removed from the project upon clicking the OK button.

Renames the selected platform. The new platform name must be unique among all platforms, and consist only of alphanumeric characters.

Opens the Copy Platform Settings dialog. The platform that will receive the settings will be marked for copy in the Platforms list. The platform settings will be copied upon clicking the OK button.

Closes the Platform Manager dialog and performs all pending platform actions.

Closes the Platform Manager dialog without making any changes to your project.

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