Queries Tab

The Queries tab of the Project Explorer displays a complete list of queries that you have created in your project, sorted by the Work Units that you have created. You can create and manage your query Work Units in this tab.

You can navigate through the Work Units by clicking the plus (+) and minus (-) signs to expand and collapse the Work Unit folders. The Queries tab also includes a toolbar that allows you to quickly add queries, Work Units, and folders to your project hierarchy.

Interface Element



Displays one or more icons representing the project elements that can be added as a parent or child of the selected node in the project explorer.

By default, the toolbar displays all project elements that can be added as a child of the selected node. To display the possible parent project elements, press the Shift key.

To add a child to the selected node, simply click one of the active icons in the icon bar. To add a parent to the selected node, simply Shift+click one of the active icons in the icon bar.

Different icons will become active depending on the type of object you currently have selected in the hierarchy.


A complete list of queries sorted by Virtual Folders and Work Units. Double-click a query to view it in the Query Editor.

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