Resolving audio source integrity issues

When editing audio source properties or editing a WAV file using an external editor, the selected operations on the audio source might become non applicable or cannot be fully honored.

Example of a scenario causing an integrity issue:

  1. Import a WAV file in Wwise, creating a Sound and an Audio Source object.

  2. In the Source Editor, trim the end of the WAV file.

  3. In an external WAV editor, delete a region at end of the WAV file that is larger than the end trim position.

In Wwise the trim operation is on a portion of the WAV file that no longer exists. This is identified as an Audio Source Integrity issue.

Identifying audio source integrity issues

Audio source integrity issues are identified in the following Wwise locations:

  • In the Source Editor, with a Yellow Triangle with an exclamation mark

  • In the Integrity Report, when running the Audio Source tests

  • During Audio Source conversion performed when generating SoundBanks

Repairing audio source integrity issues

To repair an audio source integrity issue, do one of the following:

  • Manually repair the audio source by addressing the unsupported operation.

  • Click the yellow triangle in the Audio Source Editor.

  • Right-click an audio source or sound object (from any location listing audio sources), and select Repair Audio Source Integrity Issues.

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