Resolving project inconsistencies

When several people are working on the same project, it is possible that changes to specific files may result in project file errors or inconsistencies. To reduce the impact of these issues, Wwise performs two types of project validation each time you open a project file:

  • A validation for XML syntax and schema errors

  • A validation for project inconsistencies

These validations can help you resolve errors and prevent further project problems.

XML syntax and schema errors

When project files are checked-in or merged in your source control system, you may be required to update the XML code itself to resolve conflicts. If XML syntax or schema errors are created during the update, the project file will become invalid and Wwise will not be able to open the project. A message box is displayed that describes the error and specifies the exact file and location of the error.

To resolve the problem, you will have to review the individual Work Unit files listed in the error.

Project inconsistency issues

If there are no XML syntax errors in your project files, Wwise goes on to verify if there are any project inconsistencies or issues. For example, a project inconsistency will occur if a State gets deleted in the States Work Unit, but is still being used by one of the objects in one of the Sound or Music structure Work Units.

If Wwise detects any project issues, it displays information about each issue along with a description of how it will be fixed, if necessary.

You have the choice to accept these fixes as a group or to reject them and either revert to older versions of the project, or try to fix the inconsistencies in the XML files themselves.

To resolve project inconsistencies:

  1. Open a project in Wwise.

    If project inconsistencies are found, the Project Load Log opens with a complete list of the project issues along with the fix recommended by Wwise, if necessary.

  2. Do one of the following:

    • Click Accept to accept the recommended fixes.

      Wwise fixes the inconsistencies and opens the project. If you accept the fixes, you should review each one individually to evaluate whether you need to fix things manually.

    • Click Cancel to reject the recommended fixes.

      Wwise closes the project. You can either revert to an older version of the project or try to fix the inconsistencies in the XML files themselves.


    The fixes Wwise makes to your project are not saved until you save your project.

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