Routing audio signals to the center speaker

For the sounds in your game that are crucial to game play, you may want to ensure that they are clearly heard by the game player. To achieve this, you can route any percentage of a 2D or 3D object to the center speaker. For example, the voices of the drivers or announcers at a race track can pass completely through the center speaker so that they are perfectly audible no matter how loud the other sounds are in the game.

Center % settings

The following table describes how much of the signal will be routed to the center speaker at various Center % settings:


Center %


Creates a phantom center image - no signal is passed to the center speaker.


A varying amount of signal is passed through the center speaker. As the Center % is increased, the levels of the front left and front right speakers decrease.


Creates a discrete center image - full signal is passed to the center speaker.


The amount of the signal that is spread to other speakers is based on the position of the source in relation to the different speakers.

To route audio signals to the center speaker:

  1. Load a top-level parent object into the Property Editor.

  2. Switch to the Positioning tab.


    If the object is not a top-level object, you must select the Override parent option before you can set the Positioning options.

  3. In the Center % text box, specify the percentage of volume that you want to pass through the center speaker.

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