Saving the Capture Log

Wwise clears the Capture Log each time you start a capture session. If a capture session is performed while connected to a remote platform, all data collected during the session is automatically saved to a PROF file called Each new remote capture session creates a new file, with an incrementing number at the end of the file name. In the Profiler Settings, you can specify the number of files kept. You also have the option of manually saving the captured data to a TXT file. The two file types function as follows:

  • a PROF file can be opened in Wwise and will populate all views of the Profiler, Voice Profiler, and Game Object Profiler layouts as if you had just completed the capture session.

  • a TXT file saves only the information in the Capture Log view. The columns and sorting are left intact. The TXT file can be opened with an external text editor or imported into an external spreadsheet program.

To manually save the capture log:

  1. In the Capture Log, click Save Log.

    The Save As window opens.

  2. Navigate to the location where you want to save the file.

  3. In the File name text field, type the name of the file.

  4. Choose the preferred file extension; TXT or PROF, as available.

  5. Click Save.

    The contents of the Capture Log are saved as a file.

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