Selecting Sources per Platform

In Wwise, an object can have multiple sources. By default, an object uses the same source when it is played across platforms. However, you can specify different sources for each platform by unlinking the sources in the Contents Editor. The source that you have selected will be used when the SoundBank is generated for that platform.

[Note] Note

For voice sound objects, you can unlink the source Use property separately for each language in your project.

For example, let's say the characters in your fighting game have been given different names depending on which platform the game will be played. The hero of your game was originally named Max, but that character has been renamed Arthur on Windows. Certain voice sound objects would therefore contain two different audio sources, each a nearly identical line of dialogue mentioning a different name. You could unlink the sound object Use property in the Windows version so that the sound object in that version would use Arthur's lines instead of Max's.

When you are defining which sources will be used for your platforms, you can use the link/unlink indicator to check each source's status. When a source is unlinked on the current platform, the link/unlink indicator is completely orange. However, when the source is unlinked on another platform, the indicator is partly orange.

To select a source for a platform:

  1. In the Contents Editor, select the source that you want to use by clicking the corresponding Use option.

    The selected source will be used across all platforms.

  2. If you only want to use this source on the current platform, right-click the Use link indicator in the language row.

    The shortcut menu is displayed.

  3. Click Unlink.

    The indicator turns orange and the audio source you decide to use will only be used on the current platform for the selected language.

[Note] Note

To link the source Use property again, right-click the property indicator and select Link from the shortcut menu.

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