The Advanced Profiler - Sends tab displays which sends are currently active for the currently playing objects (for each of the Voices or playback instances) managed by the sound engine at any point in time.

Interface Element


Opens a search field where standard alphanumeric entries filter out unmatching elements from the view. Learn more in Using tables.

Click the Close icon to the left of the search icon to close the search field and remove the filter.


The searches do not include elements in collapsed nodes of the List View, Query Editor, MIDI Keymap Editor, and Reference View.

Right-click the table header to open the Configure Columns dialog where you can specify which columns to display and their order. See Using tables.

Game Object

The name of the game object to which the object is associated.


Everywhere game objects are listed, such as in the Capture Log or the Voices and Voices Graph tabs of the Advanced Profiler, there is a specific shortcut menu with the following options:

  • Mute Game Object: Mutes all objects under this game object.

  • Unmute Game Object: Removes the mute on all objects under this game object.

  • Solo Game Object: Implicitly mutes all objects under other game objects.

  • Unsolo Game Object: Removes the implicit mute from all objects under other game objects.

  • Search Game Object in Voice Graph: Opens the Voices Graph tab of the Advanced Profiler with its Filter set to the specified game object.

Wwise Object

The name of the object that is played by the sound engine.

Auxiliary Bus

The name of the Auxiliary Bus defined for the auxiliary send.

Send Volume

The send volume in decibels.

Send Type

The type of send being used. Can be:

  • Game-defined auxiliary send (0 to 3)

  • User-defined auxiliary send (0 to 3)

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