Setting colors

To the right of every Wwise object icon is a color chip, set to empty (gray) by default. You can change it as desired to any of a possible 26 colors. This can help to quickly visualize and understand how your project is organized.

To set the color chip of objects:

  1. Select one or many objects within the Project Explorer.

  2. Open the shortcut menu and click Set Color….

    The color selector appears.


    Selecting the square at the far left of the color selector causes the object to inherit its parent's color. When a color has been explicitly chosen for an object, it is displayed with the palette icon and a yellow triangle in the lower-right corner, as shown.

  3. Click on the desired color's square. The selected objects' color chips are filled.

Color chips can also be set to a single color for all objects loaded within the Multi Editor.

A few example color chip use cases:

  • Status: You could organize your project according to the work status of each item, such as:

    • Locked = Yellow

    • To be Done = Green

    • Blocked = Red

    • Finished = Blue

  • Teams: You could organize your project according to teams' responsibilities, such as:

    • Scriptwriters = Yellow

    • Localizers = Green

    • Composers = Red

    • Sound Designers = Blue

  • Type: You could organize your project according to the type of sound, such as:

    • Ambient = Yellow

    • Dialogue = Green

    • SFX = Red

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