Setting Crossfade Modes

Wwise can handle crossfading in various ways, all depending on your preferences. You can use the following three modes to adjust the crossfading between the objects in your blend tracks:

  • None: The property of the RTPC transitions from its maximum to its minimum value or vice-versa instantly when crossing the overlapping block's boundaries.

  • Automatic (default): The fading range depends on the width of the overlap with the neighboring block. If there is no neighboring block, there is no fade.

  • Manual: You can move the point where the fade-in ends or the fade-out begins. The beginning of a fade-in or end of a fade-out will always begin at the outside lower corner of the overlapping block.

[Note] Note

You can also modify the shape of the crossfade curves. For information on setting curve shapes, refer to Specifying the Shape of the Curve Between Control Points.

To select a crossfade mode:

  1. Right-click the edge of a block and click a mode.

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