Simulating Changes in Game Parameters

After you have added your modules to the Soundcaster and determined which Wwise objects that you want to audition, you can test the property values that you mapped to the Game Parameters. To learn more about creating Game Parameters and mapping property values to them, refer to the following sections:

When you drag an object into the Soundcaster, the associated Game Parameters and a corresponding property slider are added in the RTPCs area. If there are no Game Parameters displayed, click Show All. All Game Parameters that you have created will be displayed in the RTPCs area. The slider represents the range of Game Parameter values. Since you have already mapped these values to Wwise property values, when you change the parameter values, you automatically change the property values.

You can audition these property changes during playback in your simulation.

To modify Game Parameter values during playback:

  1. During playback, use the RTPC slider to change the Game Parameters values.

    The properties for the associated object will change based on the mapping you created between the Game Parameter and the object properties.

    [Note] Note

    To return the Game Parameters to their original settings, click the Reset icon in the master control area, and select Reset All Game Parameters from the menu.

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